Finnish-Speaking Content Creator

Volunteer; Part-time; Remote

We are looking for a Finnish-speaking Content Creator to help write, translate, edit, and proofread content (long-form articles, video/ audio transcriptions, and social media posts). 

This position is part-time and voluntary. The work can be done remotely. It’s possible to do an internship. 


  • Translate content (articles, video/ audio transcriptions, social media posts) from English to Finnish
  • Write, edit, review, proofread articles/ marketing content 
  • Participate in the content planning & management

We are looking for talents

  • With good (written) Finnish. Business & entrepreneurship vocabulary is highly appreciated.
  • Strong copywriting/editing/proofreading skills.
  • Familiar with emotional, motivational, inspirational content/ writing style.
  • Want to improve your writing skill, and willing to go the extra mile to create meaningful content that touches readers’ emotions.
  • Passion about entrepreneurship, marketing, and business. 
  • Knowledge of the Finnish business and entrepreneurship ecosystem is a plus.
  • Empathy, self-motivation, creative good communication skills.
  • Possibility to commit to this project for at least 3 months.

What you’ll get

  • An opportunity to create life-changing stories that you can also benefit from its content to enhance your knowledge and see different mindsets. 
  • A chance to make strong social impacts as your work will show up in front of thousands of people in Finland and all around the world.
  • A fast-growing project that you can proudly include in your portfolio. (Please note that EoF will own copyrights over the work/ content you created for EoFduring your work.)
  • Contribution to a meaningful social initiative that has a strong potential to become something big and impactful for our society and community at a national level.
  • An opportunity to practice and improve your copywriting and storytelling skills.
  • A team of professionals with various backgrounds that you can learn from.
  • A supportive working environment.
  • A certificate and acknowledgment for your contribution to the project.
  • Contribution to strengthening the image of Finland as a startup nation.

How to apply

Interested in joining our super team? Don’t hesitate to fill in your application before 16/08/2020! 

In case of questions, please contact

About Entrepreneurs of Finland

“Entrepreneurs of Finland” is a social project that aims to promote entrepreneurship in Finland. It is a place where you can find insightful stories featuring entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners and self-employed from all walks of life in Finland. Everyone has a unique story, especially entrepreneurs. Their stories of failure and success, of struggling and thriving can help inspire and encourage people to embrace entrepreneurship. We publish our content on our website and share on our Social Media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube).

We want to honor the entrepreneurs as well as give recognition to their hard work and contribution to the economy & society. Simultaneously, we want to make our collection of entrepreneurial stories a resource for inspiration to support all entrepreneurship enthusiasts in Finland and around the world.

Our project has been growing fast in the past few months. The future looks very exciting. Our plan is to publish “Entrepreneurs Of Finland” book, hold “Entrepreneurs Of Finland” awards, organize meetups and conferences, etc.

We are looking for awesome members with specific skills to join us to help take Entrepreneurs of Finland to the next level.

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