Visualize Your Goal Strategy

Reflect and visualize your personal strategy of accomplishing goals with a blend of visual and coaching tools.


Reflect and visualize your personal strategy of accomplishing goals with a blend of visual and coaching tools.

Here comes Entrepreneurs of Finland’s first webinar of 2021! Have you struggled to keep on top of your goals already, or even found it a challenge to set them in the first place? Well, we are delighted to welcome Luis Bellido to host this timely and interactive workshop on goal setting for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs..

Luis is a coach and art educator with a background in architecture, based in Helsinki, Finland. His business – Metacomics – uses the power of art and visualization to provide wellbeing coaching services for individuals and organizations to improve their holistic well-being, while helping them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

In this workshop, you will reflect on your personal way to accomplish goals, and then we will use the “magic” of visualization, via a simple comic, to make a visual reminder of your strategy to achieve your current most important goal. Our intention is to support your new year goals and visions with a blend of coaching and visual tools, in what we call the “metacomics method”.


You will explore your personal strategy to achieve goals.
You will review the accomplishments you have already achieved.
You will reflect on how you can apply this strategy to your current most important goal.
You will visualize your reflection in a simple visual story, in a comic.
You will explore the magic of your creative inner artist.


Notebook and pen. In addition, in order to have a full creative experience, we recommend you to prepare your favorite drawing material, for example, markers, colors, and post-its. If you don’t have any of the mentioned, then go with Plan B: pen and paper.
Do I have to be an “artist”?
You don’t have to be an “artist”, just bring an open mind attitude and let yourself explore your intuitive creativity. The most important is not the art outcome, rather the use of a visual method to unleash your creative potential.


“It was great to take part in the workshop! And also from a trainer’s perspective, this was a good reminder to use art as a method more often.” (HRD and employee well-being professional, trainer, and facilitator)

“It was a very nice workshop and got my thoughts flowing. I think that many international talents and mentors alike would benefit from such a workshop.” (Cultivator of human talent through diversity – Talent Boost Coordinator)

The event is free of charge.

Please register on Eventbrite.

Places are limited. If you are unable to attend please remember to cancel your registration to make space for another.

When: 24/02/2021 5:00 pm

Where: Online event

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