Business Development Specialist

Department: Business Development

Job Functions

We are seeking a Business Development Specialist to support us in our business development projects. You will report to the Board and will work closely with our Partnerships and Marketing team. Our small business development team will be there to assist you with the work. 

Your main responsibility is assisting in creating and implementing business development projects to ensure the association’s sustainable growth. Specifically, you will be involved in product building and development process, planning fundraising programs, preparing applications and contacting supporting organizations.

You will be responsible for researching, collecting information, analyzing data, and performing searches for evaluation feasibility of the proposals. You will utilize information to transform them into potential projects that help our organization achieve KPIs and to enhance business development function (e.g. contact, industry research, etc.).

You will be participating in meetings with strategic partners, thus, you are expected to provide background research beforehand. You will also assist with drafting pitching materials and distribute materials.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Having enthusiasm in working within Business Development functions and Non-Profit Association
  • Market research skills: you are able to independently conduct research, organize data and perform searches for validating business ideations, competitors, partners, etc.
  • Interpersonal skills: you have the ability to interact professionally with potential strategic partners and maintain the relationships
  • Strong writing skill: you know how to write applications that can transfer our visions, ideas and plans into clear, easy-to-understand information
  • Strong organization skills: You need to be able to prioritize effectively. Project management skill is a valuable asset for this position
  • Energetic, taking initiative, and attention to detail are essential to success in this position
  • Knowledge in finance would be a great advantage
  • Finnish is highly appreciated but not required


  • Project management tools (Slack, Trello, Google Suite, etc.)
  • Strong skills in MS Office software (Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word) are required

What you’ll get

  • The learning experience in business development and strategic planning 
  • A fast-growing project that you can proudly include in your portfolio
  • Contribution to a meaningful social initiative that has a strong potential to become something big and impactful for our community at a national level
  • An opportunity to practice and improve your knowledge and skills in business strategy, partnership, and communication 
  • A team of professionals with various backgrounds that you can learn from
  • A supportive, fun, flexible and professional working environment
  • A certificate and acknowledgement for your contribution to the project

How to apply

Interested in joining our super team? Don’t hesitate to fill in your application here before 29/12/2020 (Finnish time)! 

In case of questions, please contact

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