“Now is the best time to get into entrepreneurship”, Joonas Ahola – CEO & Founder of MeetingPackage

Joonas Ahola started his entrepreneurial journey probably a little bit earlier than most, at the age of 14. Solving problems from a young age, entrepreneurship was the clear path to keep learning by doing. So later deciding to drop out of university to focus on establishing a company was the natural choice.

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MeetingPackage has come into the bookings industry to offer a solution to a long-standing issue: how to book meeting rooms efficiently. While before, fixes would cost significant time and/or resources, MeetingPackage offers a way to rent out meeting rooms as easily as logging into something like Spotify.


Isaac Pound
Isaac Pound
Editor-in-Chief at Entrepreneurs of Finland - Isaac is a journalist who hopes to help improve equality, environmental sustainability and make the world a happier place at the same time.

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