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Please read our guidelines for guest blogging below carefully.

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Any pitches that do not follow these guidelines will be ignored!

Article requirements

To be published on our blog, your post must include:

  • 1,000-5,000 words of 100% ORIGINAL content.
  • Must be in Finnish or English
  • Several images/screenshots that help the reader to visualize your points. Please name the image files properly and include sources if applicable.
  • NO paid links or affiliate links allowed.
  • NO self-promotion or calls-to-action to download your lead magnet in the body of your post (in your byline is OK).
  • Please proofread it and submit your draft in a Google Document.

Who you are

Writers who can explain things in a clear, simple way that anyone can understand. You should be comfortable writing about one of the themes related to us.

You are writing for

Busy solopreneurs, business owners, startup founders, self-employed, CXO, high-level executives, decision-makers who don’t necessarily understand deeply the nuances of technical terms and concepts.

What topics we expect from you

Our blog covers a wide range of topics: Marketing, Sales, Design, Finance, Accounting, IT Development, Project Management, Startups and Entrepreneurship.

If you would like us to suggest topics for you, we would be happy to hear. Just let us know.

How to pitch your article

  1. Submit your pitch and outline using the form below.
  2. After receiving your pitch and outline, we will review them carefully.
  3. Upon approval of your outline, you will be asked to submit a full draft according to the Article Requirements listed below.

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