“If you want to become an entrepreneur because of the money I think you have the wrong motives”, Joonas Korgan – CEO of Identio

Joonas Korgan learned how to be an entrepreneur, learned how to lead a team and certainly learned how to do marketing. On a constant journey of self-education and personal development, Joonas has become a successful entrepreneur with a mantra: “don’t take any risks you can’t survive”.

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Joonas Korgan is CEO and Co-Founder of Identio, a software development company based in Turku. With an intentionally strong focus on marketing to back up the companies equally strong team, they work with their customers to deliver reliable software development services.


Isaac Pound
Isaac Pound
Editor-in-Chief at Entrepreneurs of Finland - Isaac is a journalist who hopes to help improve equality, environmental sustainability and make the world a happier place at the same time.

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