“You Are Here To Serve People” – Edem Agbekey, Founder of Inkuto

Edem Abekey, Founder of Inkuto – a company that offers wide-ranging skincare products made from indigenous African natural resources. Edem is dedicated to promoting sustainability, empowering women and supporting the community in Ghana.

“Gaining access to my family’s computer without my parents’ approval back then has changed my life”, Jarvis Luong – CTO at Reactron

Programming has piqued Jarvis Luong’s interest since the age of ten. By deep-diving into his father’s IT books and materials, Jarvis gained access to his family’s computer without his parent’s approval. Since then he has nurtured his passion for IT and realized his dream of becoming a tech entrepreneur and CTO at Reactron Technologies, creating his own company culture, job opportunities and helping customers make their business visions a reality.

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Stefan Carrizo, Co-founder of ROND

“You should feel excited when dialing a new number, butterflies in your belly, imagining the potential of meeting someone who can turn out to be a great client. It’s not a chore: it’s an adventure!”, Stefan Carrizo – Co-founder of ROND

A passionate, stubbornly hopeful, and courageous international living in Finland, who used to have no contact with entrepreneurship or the local language, Stefan Carrizo still gave his earnest shot to begin his journey as an entrepreneur in Finland. Despite all the difficult and challenging times, he still managed to get through, have fun along the way, and make it work.

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Satu Niemelä - Co-Founder of SEP Solutions and PH² Group Business Finland Oulu Entrepreneurs of Finland

“See, think, do, adjust and repeat.”, Satu Niemelä – Co-Founder of SEP Solutions and PH² Group

Satu Niemelä is a two-time startup founder, a business consultant, and a funding specialist who has authored funding applications for tens of companies all of which have secured funding. She has helped take a product and a service from concept to international markets and is now using her skills, knowledge and experience to help others navigate the treacherous waters of product development.

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Sari Hurme-Mehtälä, CEO & Co-founder of Kide Science Oy

“Never feel embarrassed about your product. Just launch it!”, Sari Hurme-Mehtälä – CEO & Co-founder at Kide Science

A brave and courageous mother of two who never believes in the pursuit of perfection and is not afraid of failure; she is an optimistic person and continuously learns as she goes. Now Sari Hurme-Mehtälä – CEO & Co-founder of Kide Science Oy is ready to share her own story of entrepreneurship and her passion for delivering meaningful things to the world.

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