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“Gaining access to my family’s computer without my parents’ approval back then has changed my life”, Jarvis Luong – CTO at Reactron

Programming has piqued Jarvis Luong’s interest since the age of ten. By deep-diving into his father’s IT books and materials, Jarvis gained access to his family’s computer without his parent’s approval. Since then he has nurtured his passion for IT and realized his dream of becoming a tech entrepreneur and CTO at Reactron Technologies, creating his own company culture, job opportunities and helping customers make their business visions a reality.

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Stefan Carrizo, Co-founder of ROND

“You should feel excited when dialing a new number, butterflies in your belly, imagining the potential of meeting someone who can turn out to be a great client. It’s not a chore: it’s an adventure!”, Stefan Carrizo – Co-founder of ROND

A passionate, stubbornly hopeful, and courageous international living in Finland, who used to have no contact with entrepreneurship or the local language, Stefan Carrizo still gave his earnest shot to begin his journey as an entrepreneur in Finland. Despite all the difficult and challenging times, he still managed to get through, have fun along the way, and make it work.

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Satu Niemelä - Co-Founder of SEP Solutions and PH² Group Business Finland Oulu Entrepreneurs of Finland

“See, think, do, adjust and repeat.”, Satu Niemelä – Co-Founder of SEP Solutions and PH² Group

Satu Niemelä is a two-time startup founder, a business consultant, and a funding specialist who has authored funding applications for tens of companies all of which have secured funding. She has helped take a product and a service from concept to international markets and is now using her skills, knowledge and experience to help others navigate the treacherous waters of product development.

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(NEW MOVIE) ORION: The final resistance of a classic cinema?

Coronavirus outbreak has started in Finland since March 2020. Thousands of confirmed cases and thousands of businesses that have suffered from this pandemic. We at Entrepreneurs of Finland want you to know that nobody is alone, we are all in this together. And only by staying united, we will thrive against all odds.

It’s a great pleasure for us to tell Cinema ORION’s story to the world. There is so much love, passion, and pride that people have put into saving this ironic gem of Helsinki.


Elävän kuvan keskus ELKE ry was founded in the spring of 2016. The purpose of the association is to promote film culture. ELKE promotes the position of films as a vibrant, artistically high-quality and pluralistic art, increases the diversity of cinematographic and audiovisual art, and expands its audience base. ELKE has been running Cinema Orion since 2019.

The program of Cinema Orion is combining new European art house films, film classics, and curated series. The Cinema is also home to many film festivals and events based in Helsinki.



The Coronavirus has flipped the world upside down, especially for SME owners and solopreneurs. In this critical time, Entrepreneurs of Finland is compelled to tell the truth and gather help for the Finnish entrepreneur community. That’s why we launch the #coronarelief campaign.​

Jarvis Luong Reactron Trechnologies Entrepreneur Talk 08 CoronaRelief
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Tech industry in the new normal ft. Jarvis Luong | #CoronaRelief Entrepreneur Talk #08

Jarvis told us how his consultancy business reacted to the outbreak in Finland and their plans for the future to bring more values to their clients, especially in difficult and uncertain times.

Your company needs help with technology? Let’s talk business with them: https://reactron.dev/#contact

Päivi Kangasmäki Riskrate Entrepreneur Talk 06 CoronaRelief
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How to ensure customers to pay ft. Päivi Kangasmäki | #CoronaRelief Entrepreneur Talk #07

Päivi Kangasmäki is the CEO & Founder of riskrate, a dynamic rating done for repeatable credit sales decisions to small and medium-sized businesses. Her greatest passion is to change the rules of SMBs credit risk through a dynamic, predictive, and real-time risk rating.

Find out how riskrate can benefit your business:
? Try the app for free: https://app.riskrate.io/signup?plan=free
? Website: https://riskrate.io/en

Sari Hurme Mehtälä Entrepreneur Talk 06 CoronaRelief
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EdTech – Make science FUN for our kids ft. Sari Hurme-Mehtälä | #CoronaRelief Entrepreneur Talk #06

We’re glad to have Sari Hurme-Mehtälä – CEO, Co-Founder of Kide Science – sharing her insights about the EdTech industry & how her startup turned the pandemic into a breakthrough! Want to help your children fall in love with science? Start the adventure now:

Since 2017, Kide Science has been helping educators and parents support young children’s scientific thinking through play-based learning and storytelling.
? More about Kide Science: https://kidescience.com/en

Janne Kyllonen QuiteOn CoronaRelief Entrepreneur Talk
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We sell silence & save marriages ft. Janne Kyllönen | #CoronaRelief Entrepreneur Talk #05

Coronavirus has affected different businesses in different ways. Quiet On, a gadget manufacturer, has its supplier from Wuhan and products sold mainly at airports’ stores. Let’s find out how they have been doing in this crisis!

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Janne Kyllönen is an experienced product manager with a wide knowledge of innovation work. Now he is leading his team on a mission to bring quality silence to everyone around the world so they can relax, focus, sleep well whenever and wherever they want.
? Order your silence/ peace/ weapon for deep work (whatever you call it) here: https://quieton.com/shop/?v=f0aa03aaca95
? More about QuietOn: https://quieton.com/?v=f0aa03aaca95

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Edem Abekey Inkuto Founder Entrepreneurs of Finland
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“You Are Here To Serve People” – Edem Agbekey, Founder of Inkuto

Edem Abekey, Founder of Inkuto – a company that offers wide-ranging skincare products made from indigenous African natural resources. Edem is dedicated to promoting sustainability, empowering women and supporting the community in Ghana.


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“Immigrants are not a homogenous group of people. Some move to Finland as refugees, some for studying or because of work. They also have different social backgrounds, educational experiences, and professional careers. Sadly for some of them, opportunities seem to never knock on their door. This creates a lot of inefficiencies which can then lead to personal struggles and economic disadvantage.”

Daniel Rahman and his team started Integrify from frustration but continue to move forward being driven by the positive impacts on improving people’s lives.

Social integration is not a challenge for one specific country. It happens everywhere. Watch Daniel’s video story to find out more about how entrepreneurship helps to solve this global issue.

Lasse Makela Founder Invesdor Equity Funding Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs of Finland 6
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Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. Yes, but if you have not tried, how can you know it’s not for you? Familiarise yourself with the entrepreneurial journey of other experienced entrepreneurs could be a great way to justify if entrepreneurship is for you.

For the first time on Entrepreneurs of Finland, our video story will reveal the journey of an entrepreneur in the finance and investment sector. How Lasse Mäkelä and his super-team have founded and successfully run Invesdor – a FinTech with a mission to make Europe a better place especially for investors and startups?

Aki Soudunsaari Co Founder Naava Entrepreneurs of Finland 6
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Have you ever noticed that you feel more tired and work less effectively just because you stay indoors for so long?

To kick off the Entrepreneurs of Finland’s signature series in 2020, we’re excited to introduce a story about Aki Soudunsaari – how he has successfully founded Naava, a Finnish Greentech company helping people to improve health, happiness, and performance by bringing natural Nordic forest air to the world.

Joel Willans Very Finnish Problems Ink Tank Media Founder Best Selling Book Author Entrepreneurs Of Finland teaser 1
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Joel came to Finland after falling in love with a Finn, but the reason that kept him stay in the country is the weather. Joel loves the Finnish summer and how the social system works beautifully here. From his experience, he encourages Finland to open the door for immigrants more and see them as an advantage instead of a liability.