Elisa Kitunen EEX Oy corporations startup Finland entrepreneur

“I adore everybody brave enough to be entrepreneurial in their work environment”, Elisa Kitunen, Country Manager at EEX Oy

With a background in innovative communication, Elisa Kitunen is an ambassador of entrepreneurship & open dialogue. She is currently Country Manager at EEX Oy – a startup that offers an entrepreneurship exchange program – a unique learning experience for corporate leaders and startup entrepreneurs. EEX Journey deploys corporate leaders and key talents to help startup entrepreneurs as advisors.

Erasmus van Niekerk - CEO and Owner at SEP Solutions

“When one thing doesn’t work out, try something else. Failing at one thing may be exactly what enables you to succeed at something else” – Erasmus van Niekerk, CEO and Owner at SEP Solutions

Growing up in South Africa taught Erasmus the value of the family and how to tell a good story, but the tight budget pushed him to entrepreneurship in high school, where he became a “candy dealer”.  How did he get from there to get vetted distributors in 40 countries interested in his and his wife’s products? Read on to find the whole story!

Janne Kyllönen is Chief Product Officer and Chairman of Board at QuietOn Ltd.

“We built our prototype by using hot glue and nail polish” – Janne Kyllönen, Founder & COB at QuietOn

Janne Kyllönen is Chief Product Officer and Chairman of Board at QuietOn Ltd. His team develops earplugs that use active noise cancellation and are designed to reduce low frequency ‘bass’ noises that traditional products can’t block, such as the hum of aeroplane engines, snoring, and normal background noise. QuietOn is the only active noise cancelling device which can be used for sleeping and has more than 50000 happy customers all around the world.

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